Whether the teacher does not allow to go when late?

X was late to practice for 20 minutes… Вut the teacher did not let her in the audience. Сorrectly that he was not allowed to visit her for a lesson? (she had been late)

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The teacher didn't correctly, but he has the right to punish him by setting him a lot of homework.

i agree with Pavel.

А teacher might let him into the audience if it was the first time. but if it is repeated periodically it is necessary to understand the reason. maybe this student working to earn a living or care for sick parents or something. There are different reasons…

the teacher had to let him to go intothe class, because as say Darina student could have important reason.. 

I think  the teacher can allow him to enter for first time. And ask reason for his delay. Maybe he has some problems.

In my opinion the teacher had to let him to go into the class, may be it was the first time. At first the teacher should ask the reason,why he was late… Because may be he has seriously problem… then heard the answer she must take action..

Yes,teacher didn't correctly! I have a friend who is studying at the KSU, and so if they are late even for one minute, their teacher gives homework + extra homework, and when a student is late, she said, «sit down, but you know what will happen» and thus students are always trying to come on time. And I think that it's a good method of punishment 

I don't agree with the teacher. It's not humanistic. 

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